If you are a student currently enrolled at Colgate and interested in our research, please feel free to reach out at radhikari[at]colgate.edu.

Welcome to the homepage of Nanoscale Surfaces & Bioelectronics Laboratory led by Prof. Ramesh Adhikari at Colgate University. On this website, you will find information about the teaching and research activities of Prof. Adhikari and the group. Thanks for visiting!

Research Interest

Our broad research goal is to contribute toward using bio-based materials for electronics and surface applications. Bio-based materials can come with novel structural and functional properties. In addition, they can be used as sustainable materials with lower environmental footprint. Some of the bio-based materials can also be good candidates for interfacing with biological tissues. For these reasons, we are currently working on two fronts- studying aromatic amino acid based nanostrctures as well as developing leaf-based electronics. Please refer to the “Research” section for further information.

Teaching Interest

I have taught a range of courses spanning from introductory level to advanced level undergraduate courses. When I teach my courses, I work to ensure that I create enough opportunities for students to actively participate in their learning process. I am interested in incorporating various active learning pedagogical methods such as interactive demonstrations, think-pair-share, peer instruction, and collaborative problem solving to make the learning of physics more interactive. I also try to be aware of and learn about research-based pedagogies for teaching both introductory and advanced level courses students so that I can always work towards making my course accessible and inspiring for all students.